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Solatio, 2012


“A new entry in the family!”
“A lovely, fine wine whose name tells about a sunny land. It exhibitsa clear character. A rich and captivating taste and great freshness, which intend to ingratiate a wide audience. A wine that will be placed on the market in a range of non-exclusive access.” – The wine makerMade from 50% Syrah, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5%Sangiovese grapes.

Chianti Classico DOCG, 2012


Produced according to the classic method, this wine, with its full, balanced flavor, bears honest testimony to its territory and ancient tradition.
Made from 90% Sangiovese 10% grapes and other red berry vines.
Produced according to the most traditional Chianti Classico fermentation processes on the skins, in temperature-controlled tanks at a temperature of 28°C.  Malolactic fermentation takes place naturally in steel tanks. The wine is bottled a year after harvest, after several (5/7) months aging in medium and large capacity French oak casks – from15 to 50 hectoliters.
The moderate use of the wood, the choice of large casks, according tothe most classical method, allows the wine to preserve the most natural characteristics of the Sangiovese grape, bringing them into harmony: fruitiness, freshness and the level of tannin.

Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva , 2011


“Created from the property’s oldest Chianti Classico vineyards, the castle’s Riserva is a wine that maintains all the most typical organoleptic characteristics of Chianti Classico, emphasized by a balanced aging in wood.” – The wine maker.
This wine is made from 95% Sangiovese and 5% merlot grapes.
The best grapes from the castle vineyards, harvested by hand, are quickly taken to the cellar. After delicately pressing and removing the grapes from the stalks, the alcoholic fermentation in the skins is carried out, in short fermentations, individually monitored with great care, so that the pumping of must over the grape dregs and the shedding are carried out in the ideal measure and times for each must. This is a wine that rewards the more patient consumer, since it requires a long aging in bottles.

Alleanza IGT Toscana, 2010

Castello di Alleanza

“A wine in perfect balance between the style of the old and new worlds.” – The wine maker
Alleanza IGT is made from Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
The style and talent of two wine producers with a wealth of experience and different origins, Giancarlo Roman of Tuscany and Ed Sbragia ofCalifornia, come together in a perfect union to give rise to this wine.
It is an appointment long awaited throughout the year by the two friends: a couple of days undisturbed in the cellar, tasting each wine, barrique after barrique, assessing, suggesting, tasting, correcting, testing and testing again, until they find the right balance, the harmony, the point where they come together perfectly. This will be the recipe for that year: a wine which gives expression to each grape fromwhich it originates, and to the vintage.