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Thursday, March 2, 2017 ~ JW Marriott Essex House, New York City


Held for the first time in 1985 and continued annually ever since, GALA ITALIA is the most important annual event organized in the United States to promote Italian wine and food. The Gala also highlights top restaurants, fashion, music, the arts and other products of “Made in Italy.” Every year the event greatly benefits from the success of past editions, as well as from several additional features. GALA ITALIA is organized by the Italian Wine & Food Institute under the high patronage of the Italian Ambassador to Washington, D.C.


The Wine and Food Tasting will be held from 6:00 pm to 7:00 p.m. in the Petite Salon of the JW Marriott Essex House. At the tasting, the most prestigious restaurants will emphasize the role and importance of contemporary Italian cuisine by exhibiting authentic Italian food and exemplifying its connection with Italian wines.  The JW Marriott Essex House, the prestigious venue of the GALA ITALIA, will be specially prepared for the event and supplied with all equipment necessary to implement this initiative, including plates, water pitchers and napkins. The event will see the participation of the leading and most prestigious Italian restaurants and over 300 qualified and selected trade representatives and journalists from across the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.

A) – Dishes to be Presented at the Wine & Food Tasting:

Restaurants should present their specialty dishes for the duration of the tasting. Please note that the hotel kitchen is not available for use and, due to safety requirements, open flame burners are not allowed. You may use sternos and chafing dishes. For this reason, we suggest preparing cold dishes (finger foods), such as appetizers, desserts, or pre-cooked dishes that only need to be heated up to be served. Participating restaurants are asked to prepare enough food for 300 people.

B) – Invitations

The most qualified wine and food editors, trade representatives and restaurants from across the Northeast of the U.S. will be invited to the GALA ITALIA based upon a frequently-updated mailing list. The Italian Wine & Food Institute will follow up with e-mails and letters to invitees, ensuring a high attendance level at the gala. Furthermore, an intensive public relations campaign will be conducted to publicize the event, as well as a series of press releases that will be sent to wine and food editors and American press.

C) – Catalogue

A special catalogue will be printed (in color) for the GALA ITALIA listing every restaurant station with the restaurant’s name, station number, telephone, fax number and website. The catalogue will also list the featured wineries as well as the participating food producers and/or importers, with their food specialties. Special recognition will be given to the sponsors of the event. The catalogue will be distributed to all guests in attendance at the GALA ITALIA. Besides being listed in the catalog, the participating restaurants will be featured (at no extra cost) on the website of the Italian Wine & Food Institute in the “Exhibitors” category and, thanks to the restaurants’ full address indication, website visitors can easily contact them.

D) – Registration

Only trade representatives (importers, wholesalers, retailers, wine buyers from various organizations, restaurateurs and sommeliers), wine and food editors, and highly-qualified consumers are invited to the GALA ITALIA. All guests must register on our website via the  Gala Italia Registration Page (OPENING SOON)The deadline to RSVP is February 24, 2017.

G) – Cost of Participation

In order to promote Italian cuisine and Italian restaurants, participation in the GALA ITALIA Wine and Food Tasting Reception is free for restaurants.

To Participate as an Exhibitor:

You can participate in the GALA ITALIA by filling out an on-­line participation form. To download the form, please click on the link directly below and follow the instructions:

Electronic Participation Form

Alternatively, you can participate in the GALA ITALIA by filling out a paper participation form and fax it to the Italian Wine & Food Institute at (212) 867­-4114. To download the form, please click on the link directly below and follow the instructions:

Paper Participation Form